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November 14, 2023
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November 14, 2023 November 14, 2023

Update Rolling Out For U.S. Search Results.

Google has finally ended the struggles of switching to multiple pages for search results in desktop searches. Instead of showing limited top 10 searches on the first page, it lets you enjoy a continuous Scroll.

In October 2021, the continuous Scroll was launched by google for mobile searches first. It was a success and appreciated by the users for being convenient and smart. Right now, the Search Engine announced the same update for Desktop Searches, which is, for now, active for only English search results in the U.S. region only.

Continuous But Not Infinite:

continuous Scroll feels like an infinite scroll that you keep scrolling, and it will bring you more results as you scroll down. However, it’s not an infinite scroll because it ends at a certain point. It is why Google does not mark it as an infinite Scroll but a continuous scroll.

Google Announced: Why This Change?

Google has been improving the user experience with the search engine. In its official statement, Google mentioned, “we are introducing continuous scrolling to desktop searches to the users will continue seeing more helpful search results in fewer clicks. It is now easier to grab more information at your fingertips.”

Further, the spokesperson added, “with the Scroll down; users are able to discover new ideas related to the search term. Every search will comprise almost 6 page results along with top results that will end at the tag of the “More Results” button if the user wants to continue.”

Currently, the feature is introduced only for English search results across the USA. Google also announced that it might take some time to roll out the update for all search results in the USA.

How This Makes A Difference?

Google’s focus is on sticking users to top results and bringing them the best results. Following this motive, this new search engine update has opened up many opportunities for multiple sites. Ranking sites among the top searches is quite convenient for site owners as they don’t have to deal with the pages anymore.

On the other hand, for the searchers, it’s convenient to keep scrolling instead of switching pages. They can have unlimited results on the same page and access better information. Potentially, it increases the chances of more classified and appropriate information. It widens the search results and specifies queries with multiple possible results on a single page.

Bottom Line

While searching in English on Google using the U.S. server, you can now keep scrolling for more results. Eventually, you will be interacting with more content. Google kept the freedom to pick up relevant results related to the query still in the user’s hand. You can scroll down or even stop when you have the information needed.


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