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Our Privacy Policy

We want to make it clear that any information and data collected from the users of this website will be kept confidential. Your data would never be used for any means, and we are responsible for taking strict actions in case of finding any of our staff members engaged in such activity. The policy would be applied to all our provided services, including login accounts, communications through email, promotions, tools, applications and websites.

Our priority is to keep your info secured and safeguard it without giving any chance of complaint. As a user of our site, we must respect your privacy without affecting it. The only use of your data would be totally after your consent. The core information required to deal with clients and handle their projects is used once you permit us to do. Our services are not designed for minors. Individuals aged 13 years old or below should refrain from sharing their details. Their details won't be considered valid, and we never deal with such younger people as our clients. We receive data from numerous users daily. So, if we include the data of a 13-year-old child in our system, it is deleted later on. Therefore, children of this and below this age should avoid logging in and sharing details. It would do nothing but waste your time.

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Information Gathered By Us

You can expect us to collect website users' required and helpful information. The data we are bound to collect is based on the users' names, email IDs and passwords. This information is collected automatically by our system. The Quick Digital website also gathers other information linked to your device. These are geographical location, access time, views on the page, referring URLs, browser time, operating system and IP address. The site also gathers info if you visit it from any third-party app or website.

Use Of Data

Quick Digital has all the rights to gather and use your information for all valid reasons. None of the users can object to this attempt. Using users' data is required as we can only proceed with a few processes. Go through the reasons that you want us to use your data.

  • We get the user's information to contact them further. Whether a user has just visited a site or they want to work with us, we are responsible for saving their contact info to communicate or sending any updates through notification to them.
  • The business decisions for the future also depend upon the clients' data. We use your data to create identifiable information related to upcoming business strategies.
  • We do it to examine the trends and behavior of users. This is done to identify and make necessary improvements in the way people use services by Quick Digital.
  • Gathering data is also essential to administer the system properly.
  • The currency details, language and location are remembered for personalizing visits and services optimization.
  • We do it to enable the option for you to use services and get access to them.
  • Enabling the access of specific features for your authorization verification. This is an important step and needs to be done earlier.

Quick Digitals

Information Disclosure

It's a policy of Quick Digital never to sell or disclose the personal data of site visitors and those who connected with it. It's against the law, and we don't take our valuable clients or site users into trouble. However, in case of finding any illegal acts or unlawful activities, we would have to share the personal data of the person. Your information would remain secured and only used by Quick Digital to share with affiliated corporations. The purpose of sharing your data with such firms would be our affiliation and need for some info about each site visitor/user. Your info can also be shared with third parties. This attempt is necessary as we have to deal with some third-party sites and sources to deliver the requested services. We never allow third-party sources to use or share your data for their organizational benefits. We are bound to share your information with third-party sources, like an email address. They would breach the policy in case of using those email IDs for personal purposes.


Storage Of Data

The protected servers are there to store your shared data. It's our responsibility to secure your info with sufficient measures organizationally and technically, regardless of geographical area. Even the data of site users is restricted to our employees, and the most important details are displayed in front of them. We can't guarantee your data's protection once transmitted through the internet. The data passes from various sources and reaches us. We only take responsibility for your information protection on our end. Once it reaches us, we ensure the total protection of your data. Any unauthorized way of reaching the data won't be tolerated. Strict action is taken against such attempts.




Tracking Tools And Cookies

The use of cookies and tools for tracking identifies each user's demographic data. In case of not accepting the sharing of cookies, a user can't access some or most of the information.

They can only get full access to the site after accepting the cookies. Getting a transparent process based on gathering valid demographic information is required. Otherwise, we won't be able to know our site users demographically. There are some highly technical reasons for using cookies and tracking tools that may be hard to understand for everyone. Our policies are based on something other than any compromise on gathering genuine data of site users and visitors. We want to free the entire process from illegal and unlawful acts. It will take a second for you to allow our notification of accepting cookies. You would get full access to the site, and we would get your demographic info. Many users reject the cookies on the site, which lets us restrict some options for them on the website.


Third-Party Sources And Sites

Our website is connected to different third-party sites. Every site gets linked with other webpages. We do not take responsibility for your personal data's protection outside our platform. Whether you pass from other links by leaving our site or by entering there. Our work to protect your data is within site. We are not answerable to anyone whose personal info has been used or taken outside our web platform.

This doesn't usually happen and is only done by expert hackers. Therefore, your data won't be at risk after visiting or leaving our website. We make sure that each of your shared details is kept in secrecy. Neither our systems will leak any data, nor will any employee do it. We have already made arrangements to deal with your data's encryption issues. One thing is being made transparent Quick Digital never owns any website or social networking app/site you visit from our page. These will be third-party links, and you're required to avoid sharing similar data that you've shared with us on any of such sites. Many scam websites are large in number to steal confidential data of people.


Access To Your Information

You have full right to ask about the data we hold for valid purposes. You can ask us to stop using your data for any reason. We never use or process the confidential info of the site users if they don't allow us. They have a right to stop us from using their data for marketing reasons. When you fill out the form, make sure that a few points have been marked as checked to stop us from using your info for any purpose.


Reach Us

If something is still confusing, ask Quick Digital's legal team at our email address. They would guide you well about any legal issues, our unchangeable policies and your rights in detail. We ensure our site users and visitors clear up any confusion and don't doubt us without confirmation that something unusual happened. We strive to protect the data of our valuable clients and all who sign up with us. Let's make this relationship longer and more robust by clearing everything related to our regulations and policies. Once you rely on us after getting all confusion cleared, we can quickly work to take your business's digital visibility to the other level. Our work is valuable, and we never compromise on the quality of the job to retain our esteemed clients. Let us grow your business with our genius tactics.


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